On the go-cart track, the adrenaline flows and the winning instinct is maximized. Challenge the group of friends or employees in a thrilling competition, with qualifying rounds and finals. As a private person, you can drive as much as you can in eight minutes. Enjoy the allure of speed on our well-maintained course.

Go-cart is a motorsport that's run on an asphalt track, with a small fast specially built car. Perfect for bachelorette parties, bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, corporate events or just to make up with your friends who is the best!

We offer both drop in and competitions:
Drop in - 8 minutes drive
Competition - Here you have the track all by yourself. 2 warm-up laps, qualifying heat 8min, Final 10min. Everyone comes to a final A, B, C

Contact and booking

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For more information, contact Tommy 070-980 03 60 or Roger 070-609 69 84


Book via Tommy or Roger at GoCart Piteå:
Tommy 070-980 03 60
Roger 070-609 69 84



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