Adventure Golf

A perfectly balanced mix between long golf and mini golf

- this is how adventure golf is best described! In our South Sea environment, you navigate nine imaginatively designed paths between tall palm trees, waterfalls, flowers and beautifully laid stone walkways. Here, you who are a real golfer get the chance to polish on the close game, and you who have never held a putter get the opportunity to show that the will to win goes a long way. Adventure golf is really fun - whether you are 5 or 50 years old so challenge family and friends! Adventure golf is inside Skeppet.




Drop in
For larger parties, contact Pite Havsbad reception on 0911-327 00



Adult – 50 sek

Children up to 12 years - 30 sek


Pite Havsbad

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Äventyrsbadet stängt 21-22 maj

Vi måste tyvärr hålla Äventyrsbadet stängt i helgen, lördag 21 maj samt söndag 22 maj, på grund av tekniskt fel. Vi arbetar för att åtgärda problemet så fort som möjligt.