Outdoor tracks

Outdoor tracks

A run can be seen as meditation for body and soul! Take the opportunity to take a refreshing jog along the trails in the area. Or why not take a walk in the beautiful nature?

Try the trails that are 2.5 km, 3.3 km, 5 km up to 17 km on very nice nature trails on pine heath. The tracks are located in the area at the entrance to Pite Havsbad (to the right of OKQ8). There are also nice trails that are great for mountain biking.

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Äventyrsbadet stängt 21-22 maj

Vi måste tyvärr hålla Äventyrsbadet stängt i helgen, lördag 21 maj samt söndag 22 maj, på grund av tekniskt fel. Vi arbetar för att åtgärda problemet så fort som möjligt.