Sun terrace

Is it raining outside? Don´t worry! At Pite Havsbad the sun is shining 365 days a year.

Sunlight is not only great - it also makes us feel good. Experience the warm rays of the sun, the heat that spreads in your body, while cool breeze blows your skin. The sun terrace at Pite Havsbad gives the feeling of a pleasant journey away from everyday life. Dream away when the winter darkness is at its heaviest, when the cold sneaks up or when you simply long for light, sun and heat!

A moment of relaxation on the sun terrace allows:

• The body produces vitamin D • The immune system is strengthened • Melatonin (the body's own sleep hormone) is blocked • Stiffness, muscle aches, joint discomfort and depression are relieved • Blood circulation and well-being are increased

The sun terrace simulates real sunlight at a controlled and harmless level. This means you can enjoy the sun for a long time without having to worry about any health risks. An hour on the sun terrace corresponds to about 30 minutes outdoors during a fine, Swedish summer day.

The sun terrace is located inside the Water Park and has the same opening hours.


Price for 55 minutes

Opening hours

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