Grill safely

At campsites, the risk of fire in connection with grilling is extra great. Mainly because you often live close to each other, and because tents and caravans burn easily. It is therefore important to remember to always have fire equipment on hand, because once the fire brigade appears on site, it may already be too late. With a fire extinguisher and fire blanket, you have good possibility to intervene at an early stage of the fire.

Fire extinguishing equipment are located at all service houses. Make sure you know where the nearest one is.

To reduce the risk of a fire spreading on a campsite, it is important to follow the recommended distances for camping units and tents. The distance between two tents should be at least three meters. The distance should be at least four meters between two camping units or between a camping unit and a tent. Also remember to always place the grill at least one meter from the caravan or tent and to always place the grill on a surface that is flat and non-flammable.

General safety tips

  • Never use ethanol, methanol, T-alcohol or petrol when grilling.
  • Be careful with disposable grills as they easily cause fires. Always keep a close eye on disposable grills and avoid placing them on grass, there is a high risk that it will start to burn in the grass. Always have water on hand so that you quickly can put out any fire, and remember to never throw a hot disposable grill in a trash can.
  • Keep in mind that consuming alcohol in connection with grilling increases both the risk of personal accidents and fires.
  • If you grill with gas, it is important to remember to check the density of the gas grill and propane hoses. If you have an electric grill, make sure the cables and connectors are intact.
  • Keep an eye on small children so that they do not injure themselves on the grill.
  • Throw charcoal and disposable grills in designated trash cans. Available at the service houses around the camping area.


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