Welcome to the Pite Havsbad's own pizzeria. The restaurant is located near to the market square and amusement park, with a large and inviting wooden deck outdoors.

This is where you go if you want to sit outside and have a good meal in the summer evening, if you want to enjoy a cool glass of some good drinks with your friends or just buy a nice pizza to-go.

Order your food via the app Happy Order

To avoid unnecessary queues and congestion, you can order and pay for your food directly from the table through the Happy Order app. Scan the QR code on your table and place your order. Then the staff comes out with the food! It is also possible to pre-order your food for pick-up or drop-off to your campsite, cottage or hotel room.

Closed for the season

Sommarens Öppettider 17/6 – 12/8
11:00 – 23:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 02:00


Vesuvio 105:-
Tomatsås, ost och skinka

Hawaii 110:-
Tomatsås, ost, skinka och ananas

Margherita 99:-                                                                                                Tomatsås, ost

Vegetariana  115:-
Tomatsås, ost, mozzarellaost, färska champinjoner, färsk paprika, tomater, oliver och  vitlök

Capricciosa  110:-
Tomatsås, ost, skinka, champinjoner

Kebabpizza  125:-
Tomatsås , ost, kebab, färsk tomat, lök, feferoni  och orientdressing

Italiano 130:-
Tomatsås, mozzarellaost, parmaskinka och ruccola

Hot amigo 130:-
Tomatsås, ost, salami, Jalapeño, fetaost, lök, ruccola och stark sås

Vildmark 145:-
Tomatsås, ost, lättrökt renskav, feferoni, lök och  orientdressing

Kebabrulle 120:-                                                                                                    tomatsås, ost, kebabkött, sallad, lök, tomat, gurka, orientdressing