Sweden's fifth best Camping

“The campsite is located on a kilometer-long sandy beach called Sweden's Riviera. There are also several restaurants, amusement parks and adventure pools. The place is only 100 km from the Arctic Circle, which gives a magical light during the summer evenings. ”

Pite Havsbad is Sweden's fifth best campsite according to Expressen's supplement "Allt om resor". And we agree, Norrbotten's summer nights are truly magical! Expressen also describes how the sun shines 23 hours a day here in July, and that it is a full ten hours more than in Mallorca. In the article, they highlight our large range of activities and that the amusement park, the adventure pool and Strandfyren with its five relaxation areas are important stops for the family during the visit.

Read the whole article here: www.expressen.se/allt-om-resor/bilsemester/sveriges-12-basta-campingplatser

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Äventyrsbadet stängt 21-22 maj

Vi måste tyvärr hålla Äventyrsbadet stängt i helgen, lördag 21 maj samt söndag 22 maj, på grund av tekniskt fel. Vi arbetar för att åtgärda problemet så fort som möjligt.