Rules of conduct

Welcome to Nimbys World

In order for everyone to have as pleasant a stay as possible here at Nimbys World, we want you to read and follow these rules.

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult who is always responsible for the child during the visit to Nimby's World.
  • The play takes place at your own risk and it is the responsibility of the adult to inform the child about the rules and to assist the child if necessary.
  • We have done our utmost to create a safe play environment, but do not take responsibility for the individual child's actions.
  • No shoes or food, drink, ice cream and sweets (including chewing gum) are allowed inside the play area.
  • Everyone who plays in Nimbys World must wear long-sleeved t-shirts and trousers as well as socks.
  • It is not allowed to climb outside the playgrounds or up the slide.
  • In the play area for the youngest kids, only small children are allowed (1-4 years)
  • It is not allowed to be more than one on the trampoline at one time.
  • Adults may, of course, stay in the playground as support for their child.
  • No hard or sharp objects may be brought into the play area.
  • Decor and decoration may not be intentionally damaged or brought down.
  • Own food and beverages is not allowed at Skeppet.
    Practical tips
  • Our visitors are responsible for their own valuables.
  • Avoid clothes with hanging cords, large hoods, braces, bracelets, key chains, etc.
  • Toilet visits are recommended before you start playing.
  • The play land complies with the guaranteed requirements for play equipment and fire safety that exist.
  • We have fire alarms and several extra fire exits, find out where these are when you come in.

Thank you for respecting our rules of conduct. We hope you will have a really nice visit with us!