Rules of conduct

Welcome to the Water Park

In order for everyone to have as pleasant a stay as possible here at the Water Park, we want you to read and follow these rules.

  • Teacher/guardians/parents are responsible for the students/children in the bath, and ensure that the rules are followed during the visit

  • All bathing and rides are done at your own risk

  • It's not allowed to stand, walk or stop in the slides

  • Only one person at a time in all canoes except Vattenfallet and Åbyälven

  • Alcoholic beverages and your own lunch bag is not allowed inside the Water Park. All alcoholic beverages will be confiscated.

  • Due to hygienic reasons, it is forbidden to swim in and wear underwear underneath the bathing suits

  • For privacy reasons, taking photos is prohibited

  • For safety reasons, cyclops with tempered glass are prohibited

Thank you for respecting our rules of conduct. We hope you will have a really nice visit with us!