Two large beach parties 2020

Last summer, Pite Havsbad broke audience records in Norrbotten when Gyllene Tider visited the Beach Party in front of 13,491 people. Now they are following up the success and doubling the number of Beach Parties during the summer of 2020. The first date has been set, and now Pite Havsbad reveals that the party that rounds off the summer, August 21, will be visited by Magnus Uggla, Miss Li and Petter, on the beach that Gessle calls "Sweden's most beautiful venue".

– Last summer's record audience with an incredibly wonderful folk festival on Pite Havsbad's beach has given more flavor, and we are now following this up in the summer of 2020 by investing even more in two large folk festivals. There will be two Beach Parties, one that begins and one that ends the summer. We round off the summer with Magnus Uggla, Miss Li and Petter and it will be their northernmost stop, as the only place north of Uppsala, says Tobias Lindfors, chairman and owner of Pite Havsbad Group.

Miss Li, Petter and Magnus Uggla are not unknown to each other. Last summer, they got to know each other properly with the anniversary season of the TV hit "Så mycket bättre". Together they have sold millions of records, achieved hundreds of millions of streams and been diligent touring artists.

– It will be magical to get out on the roads together with Petter and Uggla this summer. I loved spending so much time with them on Gotland last year and am very happy to do this together with them, says Miss Li.

In addition to the above-mentioned trio, more dates and several great artists will visit Pite Havsbad during the summer of 2020, but who will start the first Beach Party for the summer is still not official. Expectations are high, and Kristofer Lundström, CEO and co-owner of Pite Havsbad Group, hopes for a folk festival:

– Last summer was amazing. People continued to dance until the sun rose, and of course we want this to be two real folk festivals as well. That visitors should want to stay for many more hours even though the concert is over. Soon we will present additional artists for the Beach Party which starts the summer of 2020. It will be another fantastic summer.

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